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Toolmaking Services & Injection Moulding

Mould Tooling

Mould Tooling

The expertise and production capabilities at DSM N.E. LTD can be shaped to meet your tooling requirements.

We are capable of UK-based production at DSM N.E. LTD and consequently offer in-house production tooling with tool trialing up to 150t press sizes. The company’s production setup is capable of high quality rapid tooling due to our state of the art facilities and equipment which is operated by a highly skilled team of dedicated mould makers and toolmakers capable of providing aluminium tooling & P20 tooling and also fully hardened production tooling services.

In addition to our in house expertise. We produce aluminium and P20 tooling in our production process which consequently enables our mould makers and toolmakers to shorten the lead time frame and decrease your tooling costs.

For customers wishing to utilise our precision tooling services outside of the UK, we are delighted to provide offshore project management to companies placing their tooling production in foreign locations such as the Far East.

Businesses are always searching for added value and at DSM we are able to deliver this through efficiency, experience and expertise when you utilise our UK mould/mould tooling services. Please don’t hesitate to discuss your project requirements with us and we will always endeavor to achieve the most competitive solution.