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Toolmaking Services & Injection Moulding



Before you require injection moulding services, you naturally need a prototype and by using one firm that provides a range of related services, you benefit from the shared experiences of the DSM N.E. LTD teams, resulting in high quality prototypes.

Naturally requiring a prototype could be for a mixture of reasons from testing to marketing uses, so you need to make sure you work with a firm that will give your prototype 100% focus. The prototype can be produced in such a way, with care and attention that it could be difficult to tell the difference between a prototype and mass produced version.

Whether you want a prototype for assembly line testing, to take photographs ready for marketing or other testing and promotional uses, DSM N.E. LTD are the UK prototype creation service to hire.

The next step you should make is to give us a call or send us a message via our contact form. It is preferable that you give us a call for a friendly chat, and we can then specifically talk over your requirements and speed up the process.

We are happy to provide more than a quote, and to also discuss our current turnaround time for creating the prototype, as well as discuss the processes involved and why you should hire us.

DSM N.E. LTD are based in the North East of England, but regardless of where you are located, you should contact us, as our business has been operating since 1991 and we really are the firm you should work with.

We give full care and attention to the prototypes we create. With over twenty years of experience, coupled with the related services we provide, when it comes to producing a prototype, DSM N.E. LTD have the skills and experience you need.