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Toolmaking Services & Injection Moulding

Tooling Repair & Refurbishing

Tooling Repair & Refurbishing

Our mouldmaking team possess the vital expertise required to meet all your moulding and tooling needs.

In the current economic climate business must acknowledge the need to keep manufacturing costs to a minimum. DSM N.E. LTD recognises this necessity to keep your production costs down by the repairing or refurbishing of your existing damaged mould / tooling. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirement / needs and we will provide you with a competitive quotation.

Mould making and toolmaking repairs require different sets of core skills. Our highly skilled toolmakers recognise this and are capable of meeting any tooling or repair modifications, ranging from general wear-and-tear to extensive refurbishment.

It is often a costly mistake to view your moulds / tooling as no longer useable because of the damage they have sustained, but this would be false economy. DSM repair engineers possess the skills required to address both moulding and tooling issues. If you utilise our services and we can save your company unnecessary expenditure.

The tooling services we provide enables us to develop and maintain valued relationships with our many clients. This is due to the fact that we can satisfy all of their needs from initial production of new tooling, to the modification / repair of existing tooling, making DSM the essential destination for comprehensive mould / tooling services.