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Toolmaking Services & Injection Moulding

Wire Erosion

Wire Erosion

DSM N.E. utilise cutting edge wire erosion techniques to craft components to precise specifications.

When it comes to precision machining, we understand that our clients frequently come to us for help within larger projects. Within precision machining, one of the most specialised production techniques that we utilise is wire erosion. You can present us with your requirements for precision components and we can function in a subcontractor role.

Clients find this of great benefit when they need components produced through wire erosion but don’t have equipment or the expertise to perform the task in-house. It is exactly for this reason that companies like DSM exists to serve various companies in need of skilled precision engineers. Wire erosion is one of the CNC technologies in which we particularly excel.

DSM employs some of the finest precision engineers within the industry, we continually invest in modern high tech equipment to help them function to the highest levels. That is why DSM possesses the latest most sophisticated wire erosion machines and an on-going maintenance program to ensure that they are always functioning at full capacity. These rigorous checks are vital in making sure that we can consistently create components to incredibly precise specifications.

No matter how intricate or precise the component that you may require, please get in touch with a member of the team here at DSM N.E. Ltd. We are a leader in the UK precision machining industry and have extensive experience to draw upon.

You can also be sure that we will always happy to discuss your requirements to attain the most competitive quotation. Production volumes can be altered accordingly to meet the output requirements of your project.